foodstuff: 6 – pseudo-healthy brownies

I made brownies for the first time in forever! SO EXCITING. This time, however, I decided to (attempt to) make them a bit healthier than usual.  I substituted coconut oil for regular oil and sprinkled in some chia seeds for fiber, protein, and added nutrients. I used half whole wheat flour, half regular flour, and I also added an extra heaping spoonful of cocoa because I like my brownies to be rich. I also threw some walnuts in there for a bit of crunch! I must say they turned out pretty yummy! They are pretty decadent but feel really light, much like the vegan Oreo cupcake at Baked & Wired. (Oh, the things I would do for a Baked & Wired cupcake right about now. Why don’t they deliver??) I can’t stop munching on these, but it’s okay because they’re totally healthy, right? Right???




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