party nails

After having my nails painted the most obnoxious shade of bubble gum pink (thanks, Urban Outfitters!), I decided that it was time for some change. Since fall is here (Not really, it’s supposed to be in the high 70s this week. Ugh.), I figured I’d paint my nails one of my favorite (nail polish) colors: dark plum! I pretty much wear only 3 categories of nail polish: colors so dark they’re nearly black, black, and various shades of greys/taupes. Exciting, I know. So while digging up my plum, I happened across a really pretty glittery purple I got at Forever 21 sometime in high school. It’s practically vintage at this point. Anyway, I was torn between painting all of my nails this color, but what held me back was memories of how nightmarish removing it is. Sooooo, I painted only two fingers with the glittery purple, because I figured I could handle taking the polish off of two nails as opposed to ten.



On a related note, I was at Marshall’s the other day and to my surprise, they were selling Essie polish for nearly half of the original price. Of course I managed to find a burgundy so dark it’s nearly black, which is SO exciting because I’ve been looking for that color for a while now! Go me!


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