explore: cinnaholic

If you couldn’t already tell by the name, Cinnaholic is here to cater to all of your gourmet cinnamon roll hankerings! (Trust me, this is not your local shopping mall Cinnabon.) Not only do they sell freshly baked cinnamon rolls, but they are fully customizable! There is an endless number of frosting flavors and toppings and combinations to be had, so I’m going to have to go back soon and get creative!


I wish I could say that the huge roll in this photo was actually mine but alas, it is not. I got a teeny two-bite cinnamon roll with Irish Cream frosting that looked significantly less impressive in photos, so I’ll spare you all the hassle of looking at it.


foodstuff 11: avocado-lemon cream pasta

I think this is the first time in a long time that I’ve followed a recipe rather closely. By some lucky stroke of fate, I saw the recipe for this (and a convincing photo!) posted online just as I was about to start debating what to make for dinner. Making this dish was my first foray into (consciously) making vegan food and needless to say, I’m convinced! It’s incredibly fast and simple. The pasta came out amazing and I have a feeling that it’ll even taste great cold (leftovers!!!). I even had some remaining avocado mix, so I decided to save it in the refrigerator to use as a dip or spread.



indian rock + tilden park

Earlier in the week I went up to Indian Rock and Tilden Park. It was coincidentally the first rain of the season, so everything was fittingly grey and gloomy. If it hadn’t been raining the entire time, I would have climbed to the top of the rocks; from there, there’s a fantastic view of the entire bay. Looks like I’ll have to go back some other time!

Indian Rock:





Tilden Park (these photos were taken on my iPhone because by this point it had started pouring and I feared for the life of my camera):






Other random shots I took on the excursion:




explore: toss noodle bar

Yesterday marked the first rain of the season which naturally meant one thing: soup and noodles! Toss Noodle Bar is a cute little noodle place in Downtown Berkeley, wedged between a Tibetan goods store and Crossroads Trading Co. (a personal favorite!) The Toss menu allows you to build your own dish, so what I ended up “creating” included flat rice noodles, plenty of vegetables, and chicken in a Laksa soup base.


Now the next thing on my to-do list is to learn how to actually use chopsticks…

fall wardrobe

I keep talking about fall, but it’s my favorite season, so what else would you expect? It’s when I finally get to throw on layers upon layers  in various muted shades. It’s when I finally get to dig out all of my chunky sweaters, boots and scarves and wear them all in heavy rotation.  Boom yeah.