explore: sushirrito

In my random wanderings through San Francisco a few weeks ago, fate directed me towards the coolest and hippest concept restaurant I’ve ever seen: Sushirrito! If you can’t already tell by the name, they make sushi burritos! Initially, I thought it would be typical sushi ingredients wrapped in a tortilla, but it’s essentially just one big sushi roll with unique fillings. So delicious, and so Californian.

Here, I ordered the Mayan Dragon, which features chicken katsu, potatoes, cabbage, pickled cabbage, and spicy curry.


explore: cinnaholic

If you couldn’t already tell by the name, Cinnaholic is here to cater to all of your gourmet cinnamon roll hankerings! (Trust me, this is not your local shopping mall Cinnabon.) Not only do they sell freshly baked cinnamon rolls, but they are fully customizable! There is an endless number of frosting flavors and toppings and combinations to be had, so I’m going to have to go back soon and get creative!


I wish I could say that the huge roll in this photo was actually mine but alas, it is not. I got a teeny two-bite cinnamon roll with Irish Cream frosting that looked significantly less impressive in photos, so I’ll spare you all the hassle of looking at it.

explore: toss noodle bar

Yesterday marked the first rain of the season which naturally meant one thing: soup and noodles! Toss Noodle Bar is a cute little noodle place in Downtown Berkeley, wedged between a Tibetan goods store and Crossroads Trading Co. (a personal favorite!) The Toss menu allows you to build your own dish, so what I ended up “creating” included flat rice noodles, plenty of vegetables, and chicken in a Laksa soup base.


Now the next thing on my to-do list is to learn how to actually use chopsticks…

explore: cafe clem

Thanks to my friend Armando, I got to check out Cafe Clem in Downtown Berkeley! The number of times that I had walked past their sign outside of the library, thought “oh wow, I should go there sometime,” and then continued walking past is inexcusable. (If you’re reading this, thanks again for taking me!!) Cafe Clem is the cutest little place, tucked away on the corner of the street and it has tons of outdoor seating! Cafe Clem is what would happen if Baked & Wired and Paul had a love child. And they have a pretty solid chai as well!



(Aaaaaand gratuitous shots of Armando, just because.)



explore: purple kow

I am a huge huge huge bubble tea fiend. After spending nearly two years in DC, I quickly came to realize that bubble tea is not quite as ubiquitous there as it is in the Bay Area. SO SAD. Really. Here, it’s not hard to go anywhere without running into a place that sells this wonderful and delicious drink. At work a few weeks ago, a few of us got into a very  intense discussion on where to find the best bubble tea around, and everyone seemed to agree upon how great Purple Kow was. I made myself a mental note to try it out, but it wasn’t until a few weeks later that I finally remembered and checked it out.


I’m obsessed.

The photo here doesn’t do it much justice, but the servings are HUGE! It’s like getting a little portable bowl of tea! And there are SO many options on the menu, I was so overwhelmed the first time I tried to order. They also have a crazy number of toppings, and I got to try something called grass jelly for the first time. It’s basically a grassy tasting jello-like substance and it’s so tasty! Pictured here is a honey black milk tea with boba and grass jelly, but I am also partial to their matcha fresh milk tea with red beans and boba. It’s not the best matcha I’ve had (shout outs to Asha Tea House!) but it’ll definitely do for when I want a whole lot of tea for not a lot of money.