explore: sushirrito

In my random wanderings through San Francisco a few weeks ago, fate directed me towards the coolest and hippest concept restaurant I’ve ever seen: Sushirrito! If you can’t already tell by the name, they make sushi burritos! Initially, I thought it would be typical sushi ingredients wrapped in a tortilla, but it’s essentially just one big sushi roll with unique fillings. So delicious, and so Californian.

Here, I ordered the Mayan Dragon, which features chicken katsu, potatoes, cabbage, pickled cabbage, and spicy curry.


explore: civic center farmers’ market

The other day I went gallivanting around San Francisco to celebrate the end of exams. My original intent was to find a certain thrift shop, but my poor sense of direction successfully managed to hinder this attempt. (Slightly) disheartened, I decided to find something else to do; in other words, walk around until I encountered something interesting. Thanks to my aimless wandering, I found myself at the UN Plaza and the home of this lovely farmers’ market!


It had been a few years since I’d last been to the market, so I was really happy that I managed to get there on a day that it was open. The market has lots of vendors selling little trinkets, jewelry, clothing, and produce. Towards one end of it, there were also a few delicious smelling food trucks. For anyone looking for a place to get their last-minute holiday shopping done, check this place out! The market is open on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays — rain or shine.

candy candy

The Walgreens on Powell is kind of the greatest place ever. It’s two stories tall and sells EVERYTHING, including one of my favorite candies in the world. Unfortunately, it’s sort of expensive, which is probably a good thing because otherwise I’d be buying them like there’s no tomorrow. They’re so addictive!

I wish these candies (and a lot of other things) were easier to find in DC. I’ve only found one tiny store that sells them, and it was by chance a few months ago. (For anyone who’s wondering, it’s this little Japanese market on 17th, near U St, headed towards Adams Morgan. I can’t remember the name but you’ll know it when you see it!)